i always pull this shit.

i knowingly get into situations where i know i’ll be emotionally over-involved while denying it all, and when the root of it comes to light, i get hurt. so fucking butthurt.

i need to stop hoping for things that are impossible. it’s impossible to change people, it’s impossible to be that one person that causes someone to change. it’s all bullshit that suckers fall for, all mindsets that would make for a rom-com movie everyone wants to happen to them. but it won’t. 

idealism is a bad bad perspective on the world. because human nature is a bitch, and we all know it. one piece of advice? guard your fucking heart. or just don’t have one. because without a heart, there is no feelings. no cares. no fucks and no hurt.

so fuck you, and fuck having a heart. watch out world, here comes heartless sam and she’s gonna be on a hell of a rampage. 


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spoke too soon k

misunderstandings m

playing around j

ironic e






“Any ideas for the new park sculpture?”
“How about a giant, metallic octopus attacking a rook?”

that’s cool as fuck though

that’s not a rock it is a chess piece

it says “rook” darling

*reapplies to pre-K* *send apology macaroni art to fuckeverythingbecomeapirate*